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  • Is a philosophy, art and science of Natural Healing
  • Is the most popular, fastest growing healthcare system in the world
  • Promotes a healthy, drug-free lifestyle
  • Optimizes your Natural Healing ability

 Who goes to Chiropractors?

  • Millions of people every week
  • Children, pregnant women, athletes, office workers, blue collar workers, students, families, the elderly 
  • People that have health problems and want to enhance their natural healing
  • People that want higher resisitence to disease, better sports performance, more energy, emotional well-being, greater relaxation, less stress and improved quality of life

What Chiropractors do:

  • Analyze your body for SUBLUXATIONS (nerve stress) - distortions that affect your brain, spinal cord, internal organs and overall health
  • Adjust, balance and energize the body

What Subluxations do:

  • Cause dis-ease and accelerate aging
  • Affect internal organs, glands, muscles, joints, discs, hormones, metabolism, posture
  • Stress your brain and meninges (brain and spinal cord coverings)
  • Decrease height, drain energy and lower resistence

Every human being was born with the innate potential for health and balance in their lives.  The combination of physical, chemical and emotional stress that we are exposed to on a daily basis from birth to advanced age can disrupt the delicate balance of the body, draining us of our inborn strength and potential and reducing the flexibility we need to adapt and thrive in today's environment.

For well over a hundred years chiropractic has been helping people regain their balance, strength and flexibility.  It's a safe, effective and, at Eagle's Touch Chiropractic & Wellness, always an affordable approach to getting healthy and staying healthy.

Discover the importance of overall wellness!  Speak with Dr. Ken Eagle and/or review our online glossary of chiropractic terms and chiropractic reports.
Eagle's Touch Chiropractic & Wellness PC, located in Melville NY, is dedicated to helping people lead healthier and more dynamic lives. Every "body" can be stronger, feel better, look better and actually be better, naturally and affordably.

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