BrainCore Therapy Patients 

After your complimentary consultation you will be emailed detailed instructions regarding preparations for your initial evaluation including Log In information to where you will fill in a personal history questionaire along with Metabolic and Cognitive Emotional Checklists prior to arriving for your appointment. Your first visit will consist of a Qeeg BrainMap recording. The recording will be combined with your Cognitive Emotional Checklist and processed through a specialized database. 
On your follow-up visit Dr. Eagle will go over your BrainCore Therapy Brain Map assessment report, explain treatment protocols, discuss treatment goals and clarify program costs.


Chiropractic Patients 

Effectively helping you meet your wellness goals is my commitment to you. In order to help you reach those goals, your initial appointment will consist of a consultation, history and physical assessment.

Prior Paperwork

Before your initial assessment we require you to complete a personal information and health history form that will ensure that Dr. Eagle considers all the stress factors that have combined to interfere with your optimal function. To save time you may download the form and bring it with you.


Once you complete your paperwork, you will meet with Dr. Eagle to discuss your current stress patterns, health concerns and your future wellness goals.


After your consultation you will have a complete chiropractic examination including digital postural analysis, infrared thermographic scan, dual balance test and physical evaluation.

Assessment Report

On the follow-up visit Dr. Eagle will discuss the recommended steps to take in an effort to reach your health goals. The assessment report will not only clarify your treatment suggestions and costs, but will also help you determine whether or not our services are right for you.

Eagle's Touch Chiropractic & Wellness fosters a healthy, interactive patient/doctor relationship. We encourage you to voice any questions or concerns you may have with your suggested treatment and/or schedule so that we can ensure you have a pleasant chiropractic experience.